Ethical Policy – Team Fusion

At Team Fusion we operate in a range of potentially controversial, sensitive and conflict situations but always remain within the boundaries of law.  Upholding our integrity and that of our clients is paramount and we reserve the right to make calculated judgments.  Our values are evident in every interaction that we have with our clients, contractors, employees and members of the public. They are the thread that ties together everything we do. 

Team Fusion is a member of SCEG and accreditated PSC1 and ISO 18788:2015.

Our Code of Conduct

We live by our Code of Conduct and never accept shortcuts. 'Doing the right thing' is embedded in our processes, procedures and working environment. It translates into partner relationships, our culture and working environment and our brand.

Our Code of Conduct defines how all Team Fusion operators work, no matter where we are in the world. We do not tolerate any form of corruption, bribery, discrimination or harassment.

In accordance with the International Code of Conduct Team Fusion has an ethical and human rights commitment to:

Our working environment (Prevent and Mitigate):

We see it as everybody's responsibility at Team Fusion to create a fair, healthy and safe working environment, where people can develop their professional skills and grow as individuals.

All contractors receive code of conduct training when they work for Team Fusion, both as an initial package and as continuation training, helping them make the right decisions every day. Operator judgement is paramount at Team Fusion.


The Industry

We believe the best business relationships are founded on respect and mutual benefit.

We champion a diverse contractor and partner arrangements and sustainable procurement policy.

We pay our supply/contractor chain promptly, always meeting our payment terms.


We are an integral part of society, and what we do goes beyond the projects we complete for our customers.

We are a good neighbour and strive to leave a positive legacy in the communities in which we work.

Grievance Procedure Summary (Remedy):

There is a comprehensive grievance procedure to support Team Fusion operators and allow any issues by which such a grievance can be aired and, where appropriate, resolved.

Full details of the procedure, protective disclosure, application to third parties can be found here: