Team Fusion is a specialist and independent provider of private security consultancy. We are a London-focused company who operate globally to respond to the diverse and evolving security requirements of our internationally mobile clients.

Our success is based on matching our security solutions to the precise requirements of each individual or organisation that we work with. Every assignment we undertake is delivered to the client by Director-level Consultants with specialist skill-sets gained from extensive military and police experience. Our approach is based on analysing the risk and vulnerability posed, the surrounding environment and the individuals involved. We tackle each security scenario with a broad range of expertise, tapping into our portfolio of technical and human resources to provide a dynamic security response.

We work in close collaboration with our clients and ensure that there is a Team Fusion Director overseeing and managing the progress of each new client relationship. Our Directors combine together to provide a wealth of experience; practical knowledge of dealing with high-pressure and demanding situations is key to our ability to be able to swiftly deliver an appropriate response in challenging situations. With a team of over 40 operatives on the ground globally, we are confident of our ability to tailor-make appropriate solutions in the most demanding situations.

Team Fusion operates a network of trusted partners worldwide to deliver 'ground truth' or enable local facilitators when needed. We also work with a range of trusted providers delivering complementary skills to our core Team Fusion security provision which include, for example, mobile secure communications or paramedic skills, allowing us to provide a comprehensive and high end security solution for our clients.

Team Fusion Logo

The logo denoted the physical and judgement based approach that Team Fusion brings to the private security industry. It fuses observation, physical and technical elements to deliver bespoke and client focused security solutions.

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