Team Fusion is a specialist and independent provider of private security consultancy. We are a London-focused company who operate globally to respond to the diverse and evolving security requirements of our internationally mobile clients.


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Team Fusion operate globally to service the requirements of our clients and their associated businesses.

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  • A new Team Fusion website is being built and will be launched soon

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  • Team Fusion COVID-19 Methodology

    Team Fusion Covid-19 Protocols for Residential and Close Protection Security Teams:   The COVID-19 pandemic has required adjustments to the Team Fusion standard operating procedures and protocols. Now that Europe and other parts of the world are starting to 'unlock' the private security elements need to adjust again to ensure best practice and protect the client, staff and security operators. Team Fusion has adopted the following overarching methodology to be configured to each site or team's individual protocols...

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  • The Value of Female Close Protection Officers

    The Times newspaper recently ran an article on female bodyguards. It is not often that a broad sheet newspaper article gets added to a Team Fusion management meeting agenda list however, the role of female close protection officers within HNWI security operations is an issue we often deal with for our client families. Clients who have young families and need close protection will often give clear direction as to whether they want to...

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  • The Team Fusion Criminal Operations Methodology

    Early in Team Fusion's operations we were asked to take on a special project: a multi-national cash in transit company wanted get a fresh set of eyes on their UK operation from a quasi-military point of view. Robert Taylor (MD of Team Fusion) was appointed to lead the review and taking the military analogy to this problem, the emphasis was on 'think enemy'. This quickly translated to 'think criminal' and the...

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  • Use of Camera Drones in Residential Security

    There has been a lot of discussion recently on the use of drones for both commercial and private use. The reality is that live video feed from an elevated roaming platform can be a very useful tool for residential security team in the correct environment. Here are TF's thoughts and experiences: The Environment – Complex domestic estates and urban sites with medium to high population are likely to be a 'non-starter'...

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